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Glestain Indented-Blade Sujihiki

253,00 €

Glestain Indented-Blade Sujihiki

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253,00 €
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Description du produit

Glestain knives are immediately recognizable by their unique design. "Dimples" in the blade's surface reduce surface tension between the blade and the food being cut, allowing faster, easier, and more efficient cutting. The blade is constructed of Glestain's original Acuto steel, which undergoes a sub-zero manufacturing process that ensures that very hard (HRC 58-59) and durable edge. Each Glestain knife comes with a balanced, water resistant hardwood handle fastened with stainless-steel rivets.
Style Sujihiki
Steel Acuto Steel (Stain-resistant)
Saya Wood cover not inclued
Blade Double-Edged
Blade size 9.4" (24 cm) - 10.5" (27 cm)
Weight X
Handle Water-Resistant Hardwood
HRc(Rockwell) 58 - 59
For Left-Handed Customer: Glestain Knife blades need to be special ordered to Japan and the cost is an additional 30% of the price of the right-handed knife. Please allow us to take 4 to 6weeks.